Students: Third lunch full of ‘leftovers’

By Michele Gerard

Because of busy first and second lunches at JHS, students who have third lunch often get the “leftovers,” students said.

Students said the cafeteria is always running out of sauces, fries, chips and chicken sandwiches.

As Senior Alex Hight said, “I feel like they run out of food like fries and chips.”

Cafeteria manager Chelsi Russell said her staff serves 400 servings of chips, but by third lunch they can only give out 250.

There are 32 food options, according to Russell, who said new items are being considered.

“In November we are going to start adding new things and taking old things, and then giving them back, after a month.” Russell said. “In November we are going take away the round chips and give Doritos, and we are going to try to bring teddy grams instead of graham crackers.”

Sophomore Michael Cocherell II said there should be more food options.

“There’s a decent amount, but they should switch around the lunch,” he said. Cocherell brings his lunch every day “because it gets me for sure what I want to eat.”

“It’s something I truly want, because I don’t know what might be on the menu,” he said.  

Sauces are also in high demand.

“We run out by first, and we barely have enough for second,” Russell said. “We can never have enough.”