Letters to Juliet: Is looking cheating?

A couple is out to eat and a stranger walks past the table the couple is seated at, and the male slightly turns his head to look at the stranger as she passes. His partner gets upset, causing an argument, but he tries to defend himself by stating he didn’t make any attempts to pursue the stranger, he just looked. Who was in the wrong?

This is a good question that usually comes up at some point during a relationship. It is important to acknowledge each other’s feelings in the moment. Remember, in this situation it is important to note that no one is necessarily “in the wrong,” but if it hurts the partner’s feelings, it is important that he should acknowledge his partner’s feelings. After all, his partner cares about him enough to get upset. As for the partner, he/she should realize that if the man looked, and made no effort or had the intentions to pursue the stranger, then it is almost completely harmless. After all, people are pretty, and it doesn’t hurt to look at people’s beauty from time to time. He/she should realize that their partner is with them for more than just their looks, most likely, which is more important and special than any other pretty face he/she may acknowledge. While no one person is “in the wrong,” strong relationships include faithfulness as well as trust, by both partners.



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