The Stranger Things of the show’s second season

By Jordyn Little

(SPOILERS! This article reveals plots and details of the second season of “Stranger Things.”)

The air becomes crisp and chilly, the days become shorter, and when night falls, people look for the newest forms of entertainment to binge watch by the fire, with a cup of warmth, to comfort them from the coldness outside, as well as on the screen.

Luckily for the horror audience, season two of “Stranger Things” premiered Oct. 27 on Netflix.

“Stranger Things” has quickly become one of the most popular series, its first season debuting in 2016.

Claire Roscoe, 17, is enjoying Season 2 of the hit series.

“I think that the start of the second season is good. It makes you pay attention and try to remember what happened,” she said.

While the season is off to a relatively good start, fans of the first season do tend to think there could be changes made to the start of the show.

“I think it could have started off a little different and it be a little more effective. For example, I think they could have explained why the new characters moved to Hawkins from the beginning, instead of what I assume they will do later,” Roscoe said of the start of the season. “I also think they could’ve included a little bit more details in certain areas or helped people remember what happened. Overall, the way they started the new season is pretty effective.”

Due to the fact that season 1 was such a success, there were questions over whether season 2 would live up to the hype of the first season, as well as whether it would effectively continue the storyline.

“I don’t think it is as good as Season 1 because I think they are dragging out the story line, and there isn’t quite enough going on. However, there is still enough going on that it makes you pay attention to the show,” Roscoe said.

Others might disagree with Roscoe on this statement.

Eiannah Pugh, 17, said she’s enjoying the second season.

“I personally liked the start of the second season only because I was able to watch seasons one and two consecutively, meaning I didn’t have to wait for them to drop the second season,” Pugh said. “Compared to the first season, the second season starts off with a lot of action. I liked how they continued the story line by introducing another character similar to Eleven to add more suspense and show that there are others like her.”

Season 1 ended, action-packed, with the return of Will from the “Upside Down,” the other world in which monsters exist, due to the rescue of Eleven.

Eleven is believed to be dead after exploding along with the Demogorgon. However, there are implications at the end of the season that she is alive.

As the second season begins, Eleven alive and well, but hiding.

Eleven isn’t the only character this season that elicits a strong reaction. There are a couple new characters who were introduced, coming all the way from California, which shakes up the town of Hawkins. Nancy finds her way back with Steve, despite the chemistry between her and Jonathan Byers.

As for the character who went missing for quite some time, Will Byers, after his return, his mind is still being controlled by the upside down, which causes for a series of problems involving his conscience, as well as conspiracies.

Without giving away the whole season, fans of the series will expect a number of twists and turns, plot twist, and surprises, which make the second season of “Stranger Things,” or “Stranger Things 2,” well worth the wait.